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The Sal and Bob Show

Sep 16, 2019

It’s a lively new episode of the Sal and Bob show where the guys go to Mount Pleasant, Michigan, to prepare for their show benefitting Michael J’s benefit motorcycle run called “Fun Before The Run". Bob completely blows it on this episode, not understanding that people are riding motorcycles in this event and not actually running. The boys talk about the death of Eddie Money, NFL predictions, Derek Richards in Ireland, and Carrie Underwood’s song that sounds an awful lot like someone’s else’s. Felicity Huffman’s sentencing, Lori Loughlin’s chances. Sal brings up the continuing manufactured controversy about Dave Chappelle’s and Bill Burr’s recent specials, as well as the real controversy over the hiring of a comedian with previous racist comments, and the overdue hiring of an Asian player on SNL. Kenan Thompson and Tina Fey round out the discussion. Big fun on this edition of The Sal and Bob Show.