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The Sal and Bob Show

Jun 10, 2019

It’s Kansas City, Missouri with Sal and Bob, at the unique and fun Jess and Jim’s Steakhouse. This steakhouse is one of the 10 best steakhouses in the world, Bob discovered the establishment after he and Sal went to Kansas City for several shows. The One Hit Wonder is Tubthumping by Chumbawamba. Sal tells a funny story about riding with former Kansas City Royal, Jim Eisenreich. Bob brings up his admiration for Sal’s baseball knowledge.

Bob gives the definition of a Tub Thumper, and the term “pissing the night away”. Bob bloviates about his disdain for Phish. Sal and Bob reenact another Rocky scene from the first Rocky, with help from their producer Nate Armbruster, who does a killer Stu Nahan. Because the guys are obsessive, they have to do a Lori Loughlin update. Sal talks about her daughter Olivia, and what the hell does YouTube Star mean? Bob rails against the whole “influencer” thing.

Sal and Bob welcome Steve Sabo, who has six CDs out. Bob remarks on how impressive it is for a comic to have that deep a catalog of jokes. Steve expounds on the importance of writing new openers and closers and staying fresh. Sal relates a story about how Rocky Laporte’s advice was to start strong, end strong, and try you’re new stuff in the middle. Bob compares Steve to James Brown, and tells a story about the first time he worked with Steve at a shit gig in Flint, and some advice Steve gave him about comedy audiences. Steve relates the importance of never prejudging an audience. Sal asks what was Steve’s largest and smallest crowd he ever performed for. Steve’s response is hilarious.

Bob tells a story about a show Sal and he had in Minnesota for eight people, and how difficult that can be. Sal asks whether those kind of shows eliminate the rookies and weak hearted. Steve agrees. Bob asks whether you learn more from bad shows than god shows. Steve says the bad shows teach you more.

Bob talks about how large crowds behind 2,000 demand a different timing. Steve agrees, saying you have to play the room “bigger.” Sal agrees that it’s a whole different animal doing a show for a theater with a mezzanine. Sal asks Steve if it’s difficult to be both a comedian and a booker. Steve has a great answer about how to deal with the egos and misunderstandings in the business, and how to be fair in booking comedians.

Bob brings up how a lot of comedians don’t understand the business side of things, and why they call it Show BUSINESS. Steve talks about how a comic consistently cancels and creates problems, and how if it’s HIM who has to cancel, he will offer to eat the costs for the promo. Bob talks about the business side of comedy. Sal talks about Steve’s merch table, and how he’s legendary for working that angle of the business. Steve says merch sales is not his favorite thing, but it’s a necessary component of making money on the road. Steve relates that women make the most purchases at a comedy show, and you have to address that fact. Sal asks where listeners can find Steve. Bob ends things with Jess and Jim’s slogan, “You can’t beat our meat". Listen Now!

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