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The Sal and Bob Show

Apr 29, 2019

Sal and Bob decide to stay in Motown and dine at Texas de Brazil: Brazilian Steakhouse. It’s basically Gobs O’ Meat. The One Hit Wonder is Magic by a forgotten band called Pilot.

As usual Bob complains about how bad the song is. Bob also gives his “Bob’s shoulder update.” Sal opens The Whine List with a great complaint about cold patching crews and how it just makes things worse and makes you crave popcorn. Bob whines about sparsely attended benefits and plays his “Becky’s Liver” clip.

Sal gets into a spirited talk about Tiger Woods’s comeback, the NBA playoffs, the NHL playoffs, and both of the guys spend the rest of the episode complaining about the Detroit Lions draft picks. Funny, silly episode. They're so social. Tune in!

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