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The Sal and Bob Show

Jun 17, 2019

Sal and Bob have been on the road a lot so they decided to record this special Father’s Day episode and cook steaks at Bob’s house. The One Hit Wonder is Cats in the Cradle, by the great Harry Chapin. Chapin was not a one hit wonder but who cares.

Sal shares some of his betting secrets and admits to betting everything from birthdays too license plates to his mom's hospital room number. Bob explains why they chose Cats in the Cradle as the song for this episode. Sal then shares some deep Rocky trivia.

The guys mock dad jokes in honor of Father's Day by reciting some of the worst ones they've heard. Some are pretty bad. Sal shares a great gambling story from a trip to the Dominican Republic and Bob shares a nice story about a time his father showed him he had his back.

The guys wrap up the show with a short interview with comedian Derek Richards who is promoting The Irish Comedy Tour. An original comedy special available everywhere now! Links below!

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The Irish Comedy Tour:

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