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The Sal and Bob Show

May 8, 2023

Welcome to The Sal and Bob Show, where comedians Sal Demilio and Bob Phillips shoot the breeze and chat about all sorts of stuff.

In this episode, we're talking chicken wings, baby! Plus, we're giving a shoutout to the Toronto Maple Leafs for finally winning their first playoff series in 19 years. 

We also reminisce about the Detroit Red Wings and Jacques Demers coaching - those were the days! We also gab about the ongoing NBA playoffs and give our hot takes on the Detroit Lions' 2023 draft picks. But it's not all sports talk, my friends. 

Things get real when we talk about the recent report about America's loneliness epidemic. We discuss how social media might be making things worse and share some of our own experiences of feeling isolated.

On a lighter note, we also talk about the South Korean president's visit to the White House and his impromptu performance of "American Pie." Bob shares his own hilarious "American Pie" story, and we get into a deep conversation about the meaning of the song by Don McLean.

Finally, we round things out with some music talk, reminiscing about timeless releases from the likes of Michael Jackson, Billy Joel, and Taylor Swift. So sit back, relax, and let Sal and Bob take you on a wild ride through their eclectic musings.