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The Sal and Bob Show

Oct 21, 2019

It’s a unique episode of the Sal and Bob Show with special guest, Senior Editor at boxing’s Ring Magazine for 15 years, William Dettloff (@WilliamDettloff). Sal and Bob are at Fin's Eatery and Spirits in New Baltimore, Michigan, throwing back a couple bourbons after their show at the Civic Center. In honor of their guest The One Hit Wonder is Warren Zevon’s “Boom Boom Mancini.”

Sal and Bob complain about Sweetest Day, and bitch about White Claw, and talk about their days in amateur boxing. Both guys talk about Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini and his fight with Alexis Arguello, then his successful title challenge against Arturo Frias less than two months later.

Sal says there should be a single guy holiday, and gives his lowdown on the MLB playoffs. Bob says he no longer spins cotton candy for Halloween, and has given the machine to his daughter to continue the tradition. The guys mention their upcoming gigs. Sal gives his predictions for Big Ten football. 

Sal and Bob welcome William Dettloff, a very accomplished boxing writer who’s experience includes a biography of Ezzard Charles and fifteen years as Senior Editor for Ring Magazine.

A fantastic interview ensues with Dettloff giving his opinions on MMA, the current state of boxing, and the stars of the game. A lively back and forth is held with all three guys giving their opinions and asking questions about the future of boxing. William and Bob talk Hearns-Leonard, Marciano, Roberto Duran, Leonard-Hagler and much more. 

They wrap up with a prediction for the Ruiz-Joshua rematch and an homage to the bad-assery of Tommy Hearns. Read Dettloff’s Ringside Seat magazine (@RingsideSeatMagand listen to his podcast! What a fun episode!