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The Sal and Bob Show

Oct 11, 2023

On this electrifying episode of "The Sal and Bob Show," Sal and Bob take a humorous dive into Elon Musk's quirky naming decisions – from his kids to his Twitter antics. How does one even pronounce 'X Æ A-12' anyway? Shifting gears, they discuss the current political landscape of the USA, offering their candid thoughts on the upcoming election and what it might mean for the nation's future.

But it's not all serious business; the Detroit Lions are finally roaring on the field! Sal and Bob celebrate this newfound success with the poignant tune "Winds of Change" by the Scorpions. And speaking of changes, the sports world is abuzz with the most unexpected pairing: Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift! What's the real story behind this talked-about duo?

Tune in for a mix of laughter, deep dives, and perhaps a couple of hot takes on this week's episode of "The Sal and Bob Show." Don't miss it!