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The Sal and Bob Show

Nov 12, 2018

Sal and Bob go to Louisville, Kentucky, to Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse. Sal picks “Who Let the Dogs Out” as the One Hit Wonder and Bob isn’t happy about it. They joke about how social they are and yap about the comedy clubs they played the previous weekend. Bob reminisces about his boxing days and how special it is to be in Muhammad Ali’s hometown, and Sal talks about touring Churchill Downs and the Kentucky Derby, and Bob tries to get Sal to drink a Mint Julep. On this week’s installment of The Whine List, Bob complains about kids growing up too soft today. Sal gets deep into different kinds of glassware, and why guys look like idiots at the ballpark drinking fancy girly drinks. The guys discuss the different kinds of waiting for people, and why Sal made it weird when Bob was waiting for him at their office at Bar Louie. Sal winds it up with a great joke about St. Patrick’s Day and Cinco de Mayo.

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