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The Sal and Bob Show

Apr 10, 2023

Join comedians Sal Demilio and Bob Phillips on this episode of The Sal and Bob Show as they discuss the latest buzz in the comedy world. The duo talks about the newly launched streaming service, Open Bar Comedy, which promises to bring laughs to your screens.

The conversation then shifts to the controversial topic of joke theft, particularly on social media platforms like Twitter. Sal and Bob share personal anecdotes of times their own material has been stolen and discuss how the internet has made it easier to hold joke thieves accountable. 

In the spirit of the season, the guys also talk about baseball and share their love for the sport. Bob tells a funny story of attending a Tigers game with Sal during the pandemic, where they had a whole section to themselves. 

The conversation then moves on to boxing, as Bob talks about an upcoming match between Gervonta "Tank" Davis and "King" Ryan Garcia. Bob also shares an awesome Vegas story from 1994 involving Helen Hunt, which has nothing to do with the fight itself. 

Finally, the guys discuss the recent congressional hearing where the CEO of TikTok was grilled and the possibility of the app being banned in the USA. They also touch upon the recent tragic school shooting that occurred in Nashville. Tune in to catch all the discussions.