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The Sal and Bob Show

Apr 24, 2023

On this episode of The Sal and Bob Show, Sal and Bob take us on a wild ride through their comedic journeys.

They start off by talking about how they got into comedy by taking classes, and their love for certain comedy clubs like the Ann Arbor Comedy Showcase and Skyline Comedy Club in Appleton, WI. Sal also shares his love for the entrances of various comedy clubs he's performed at - the little things, you know?

Sal and Bob chat about the differences between performing on familiar stages versus new ones, and the various ways comedy clubs pay comedians (including the somewhat ridiculous practice of handing out social security numbers). They also dish about their favorite stages and share stories about working at McCurdy's comedy club in Florida.

Moving on, the guys discuss their post-show routines, with Bob preferring to chill out while Sal loves hanging out with other comedians at diners. They also talk about the challenges of trying new material on stage, and share some hilarious stories from their experiences.

Sal and Bob then dive into the state of comedy today, with social media and short clips leading to a surge in popularity. They wrap up by sharing some of their most memorable shows, including Sal's epic standing ovation performance and Bob's unforgettable gig at a 95-year-old twin's birthday party.

If you're a comedy lover or just curious about the world of stand-up, you won't want to miss this episode!