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The Sal and Bob Show

Aug 28, 2023

In this laugh-out-loud episode of the Sal and Bob Show, comedians Sal DeMilio and Bob Phillips take you on a flavorful journey to the renowned Le George Mediterranean Bar & Bistro in Northville, Michigan. As you’re soaking in the Mediterranean vibes, groove along with them to the Song of the Week, "Hourglass" by the legendary band, Squeeze. Not familiar with Squeeze? No worries! Dive deep into the roots of this iconic British band known for their new wave and post-punk vibes since the late '70s.

And speaking of music, get to know the gifted Paul Carrack – the voice behind some of the most memorable hits and a genius collaborator with Squeeze, Mike + The Mechanics, and more. With his soulful melodies and a career that's spanned decades, Carrack's talent is truly awe-inspiring.

Shifting tunes, Sal and Bob can't help but gush about Taylor Swift's meteoric success on her current tour. It's not just about the billion-dollar grossing records she’s shattering – it’s the heartwarming generosity of giving $50 million in bonuses to her hardworking crew and truck drivers. Now, that's a class act!

And if you thought the episode couldn't get any juicier, the duo dives into the buzz about Donald Trump's mugshot – oh, the commentary they have on that! But it's not all politics and pop. With the football season on the horizon, get Sal's unique take on the latest gridiron news, especially as they cheer on their beloved Detroit Lions gearing up for one of the most anticipated seasons in years. 

Buckle up for this rollercoaster of an episode that blends comedy, music, pop culture, and sports in true Sal and Bob style! Don't miss out!