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The Sal and Bob Show

Feb 18, 2019

“96 Tears” by Question Mark and the Mysterians is the One Hit Wonder on this episode of The Sal and Bob Show, where they travel to Lucky’s Steakhouse in Bay City, Michigan.

The guys jaw about the Super Bowl, how lucky Tom Brady is, and why the Patriots continually win while the Detroit Lions suck decade after decade. Sal relates a story about a guy who won $100,000 betting that the Rams would only score 3 points. Both guys talk about their prop bet where they won $100 betting the over in how long Gladys Knight would take to sing the National Anthem.

Bob yaps about the State of the Union speech, and how condescending Nancy Pelosi was. Sal says he just can’t watch Trump deliver a speech because Trump is always sniffling. The guys discuss Trump’s rumored use of Adderall. Jeff Bezo’s dick pic and his divorce in the National Enquire intrigue the guys, and they propose a dating show exclusively for the soon to be former Mrs. Bezos.

The guys close out the episode with a new regular feature that deals with their love of the Rocky movies. Bob and Sal take turns reading lines from scenes where Mickey yells at Rocky. Tune in, you palookas! This is a fun episode!

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