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The Sal and Bob Show

Feb 25, 2019

Fun episode with guest and fellow comedian, Matt Holt, from Malone’s Prime Beef Steakhouse in Lexington, Kentucky. The guys kick things off jawing about the One Hit Wonder, My Sharona by The Knack. They go right into talking about Sharona Alperin, the late Doug Fieger’s inspiration for the song. Matt says she accepted his friend request on Facebook.

Matt schools Sal and Bob on the Bourbon Trail in Kentucky. All the guys complain about the weird gigs they’ve had to endure, like busses, deck and basement parties. Matt tells a really funny story about bombing at a church gig. Matt gives Sal and Bob the lowdown on cruise ship comedy and why it’s so awful. All the guys place their orders and Matt gives Sal a hard time about his steak temperature. Sal and Bob reminisce about Randall Cobb. Sal gives some details on Malone’s celebrity menu. As it often does the conversation turns into a shared rant about why the Detroit Lions suck so bad. They wind things up with another edition of Mickey Yelling at Rocky, and Mickey is played by their guest Matt Holt.

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