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The Sal and Bob Show

Jan 7, 2019

Sal and Bob are back home in Detroit and coming to you from Monroe St. Steakhouse in Greektown. The One Hit Wonder is Anita Ward’s “Ring My Bell.” They laugh about 70’s stereo systems and why they like the “pew” sound effect in the song. Bob admits that he danced to the song in his Angel Flight bell bottoms at the no-alcohol disco for teens. The guys talk about Detroit’s resurgence as a downtown entertainment area and the new neighborhoods popping up. Monroe Steakhouse is a great place to have a steak before or after going to the casino. Sal mentions that the show has been picked up by On Tour Podcasts.
They welcome their friend, fellow standup comedian and the King of Detroit Blue Comedy, Bill Bushart. Bill talks about being the King of Self Loathing. A lively discussion is held between all the guys about comedy advice, Bill’s career, and how Bill has encouraged young comedians such as Nate Armbruster and Mark Habib. Bill talks about how he’d rather have people smoking in the clubs than using cellphones. Sal asks about Bill’s former student Brad Wenzel, Jeff Arcuri, and Mike Kosta, who’ve gone on to national television appearances. Bob thanks Bill for being a great mentor. Bill talks about chasing the dragon, and the largest and smallest shows he’s ever done. Sal discusses Bill’s talent for reading the room. Bob asks Bill which two pieces of advice he would give new standup comedians.
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