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The Sal and Bob Show

Feb 4, 2019

Sal and Bob do this very funny episode from the beautiful Nick and Sam’s in Dallas, Texas. The One Hit Wonder is Werewolves Of London, by one of Bob’s Top Five, Warren Zevon. Bob gushes about Warren, and brings up another favorite, Randy Newman. Bob talks about how David Letterman loved Zevon and would have him on to lead the band when Paul Shaffer was on vacation. Both guys diss Kid Rock and Sal says Kid is re-recording Happy Birthday and Frosty the Snowman. Both guys joke about Dirk Diggler and his manliness, and the recap a rare show they did together at Sal’s club, The Comedy Room. Bob says the emcee for the night, Steve Smargon, was very funny. Sal talks about how the TV show “Hung” was filmed at his club. Both guys talk about the fun and the perils of what is known in the comedy biz as a “guest set.” The Whine List includes Bob’s complaining about Renaissance Festivals, and Sal whines about the cost of Renaissance jewelry, and his disappointing yoga results. Bob winds up the episode by talking about why he took a knee at a recent sporting event. Big fun and silliness from Sal and Bob!

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