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The Sal and Bob Show

Mar 27, 2023

In this episode of The Sal and Bob Show, hosts Sal DeMilio and Bob Phillips sit down with esteemed boxing journalist and author Nigel Collins to discuss his new book, "Hooking Off the Jab." Collins shares his insights and knowledge about the sport of boxing, including its history and current state, and provides his expert analysis on some of the biggest fights and fighters of all time.

In addition, Sal and Bob put Nigel's knowledge to the test in their "prime vs. prime" segment, asking him to weigh in on hypothetical matchups between some of the greatest boxers in history. The conversation covers everything from the technical aspects of boxing to the personal stories of the athletes, making for a fascinating and informative discussion that is sure to appeal to fans of the sweet science.

Whether you're a diehard boxing aficionado or just someone with a passing interest in the sport, this episode is not to be missed. Tune in to hear Nigel Collins' thoughts on boxing and to find out who he thinks would win in some of the most iconic matchups in boxing history.