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The Sal and Bob Show

Jun 24, 2019

Its the Ocean Prime, Troy, Michigan episode. So of course the One Hit Wonder is by Billy Ocean, Get Out of My Dreams. Because we’re like that. Sal relates a story about going to a White Out Party and wearing black. The guys trash the new Library Pub, lamenting the cool, intimate, old version that actually had books on the shelves. They both agree that Get Out of My Dreams couldn’t be recorded today because of the MeToo movement. Sal gives a little history of the owner of Ocean Prime, Cameron Mitchell, and how he started his business. Our special guest is our producer and very funny guy, Nate Armbruster (@natecomedy).

Sal relates a great story about a couple from WWII who reunited after 70 years. The guys talk about all the sex senior citizens are having in retirement homes, and the rise of STDs among seniors. Gross. Bob talks about how people promise to get together and never do, and how tragic it would be to go to a 75 year high school reunion. The guys welcome Nate who tells about his extended tour of bourbon country. Nate calls it “Sal Country.” Nate says he never had the confidence to tell Bob that he drinks his bourbon meat. Nate says Buffalo Trace is the longest continuously operating distillery in the country. Sal gets really passionate about the tradition of bourbon distilling. Bob does his Cliff Calvin thing and talks about bourbon’s resurgence in the USA.

All the guys agree there should be a bar at the distilleries. Bob brings up taking your own candy into the movies and the guys take off on bringing booze in. Bob talks about eating movie candy outside a movie theater and how weird it is to eat Sno-Caps and not being in a theater. All three guys yap about eating all their food supplies before the movie starts. A lively discussion is held about what time you should arrive at the theater, and how awesome it is to be the only one in the theater. Sal says he solving to watch The Irishman in a theater on his phone. Bob brings up the newest X-Men movie that killed the franchise. Nate says he wishes he could reboot some of his act. All the guys talk about Spider-Man and how long it’s gone on. Sal and Nate agree that you might as well do Raging Bull II and Titanic II. Sal talks about extending movie sequels and the guys agree that they should reboot John Hughes movies. Brunch Club. All three guys round out the episode agreeing that superhero movies are played out, especially the Joker character.

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