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The Sal and Bob Show

Jan 28, 2019

This edition of The Sal and Bob Show comes to you from the lovely Ponderosa Steakhouse in Dearborn, Michigan. Our producer and fellow comedian Nate Armbruster sits in for Sal at the restaurant because Sal is in Fort Myers, Florida, appearing at the Laugh In Comedy Cafe.

We patch in with Sal and talk about the truly awful One Hit Wonder, The Final Countdown by Europe. Sal picks his Super Bowl winner, and all three guys go fanboy for Tom Brady. A lively discussion is held about why they still call it “New” England, and why Nate loves the underdog and wants Brady to lose. Nate asks Sal what would happen if the Detroit Lions won a Super Bowl and all three guys chime in with a story about how bad the Lions suck.

Brian Corrion, the owner of the Laugh In Comedy Cafe joins the guys for an interesting and inspirational interview about coming back from financial ruin, starting a new club, and writing a great new book called Boativation, which details Brian’s comeback story. A fun and interesting episode! Tune in!

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