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The Sal and Bob Show

Sep 23, 2019

It’s an in-studio episode of the Sal and Bob Show because the guys need a breather from the road. The One Hit Wonder is Nothing Compares 2 U by Sinéad O’Connor and the guys are obsessed with it and the strangeness of her career. Sal talks about his trip to see On Tour Podcasts, the Sal and Bob overlords, and chats about, what else, bourbon. Bob recaps his trips to Seattle and Vancouver, and the steakhouses he visited: The Butcher’s Table, The Brooklyn, and The Metropolitan. All three are fantastic places with great food. Bob predicts another Lions win over the Eagles. Sal gives his expert advice about who to watch in MLB, and Bob bitches about Andre Drummond. Sal recounts a fun afternoon at Chuck E. Cheese for his nephew’s birthday party, and how he got caught checking the sports scores, and trying to take a pic of a new mom breastfeeding. Sal complains that one of the characters in the Chuck E. Cheese band—Pasquale—is a cultural stereotype of his Italian heritage. Bob advises him to sue. Both guys bitch about  open micers and similarly inexperienced comics offering their hot takes about comedy topics. Bob says he just cut a new CD at Mark Ridley’s Comedy Castle and now has to edit it. He also shares a comedy secret about TV specials and comedy recordings. Both guys wind it up talking about how awful it is to have to edit your stuff, and how uncomfortable it is to look at yourself in screen. New, fun episode!