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The Sal and Bob Show

Dec 24, 2018

Sal and Bob travel to Hammond, Indiana and eat at Lung Wah Chinese restaurant to recreate their memories of A Christmas Story. Our special guest is good friend and fellow standup comedian Matt McClowry. The One Hit Wonder is the white trash classic Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer.

The fellas yap about how lazy they are getting Christmas presents, and kibitz about A Christmas Story trivia. Sal’s Whine List subject is the pain in the ass factor of people using their phones for coupons and boarding passes. Bob whines about people who mispronounce barbed wire, Alzheimer’s disease, etcetera and other stuff, then both guys talk about the difficulty in saying “camaraderie.”

Comedian Matt McClowry (@MattMcClowry) then joins the guys and they have a funny and interesting talk about Matt’s career, his beginnings, his success in comedy festivals, and how to get free stuff from hotels by carrying your own syringes. Sal tells a story about how he and his ex almost missed being in The Price Is Right audience because Sal was stuck at a blackjack table. Bob appreciates Matt’s unique jokes and asks Matt about how being on the spectrum has influenced his comedy style. Matt discusses his appreciation of Jerry Seinfeld and his work ethic. Sal and Bob close with some interesting stats about their growing listenership and thank Matt for being a great guest.

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