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The Sal and Bob Show

Dec 17, 2018

Sal and Bob travel to Las Vegas to visit their shrine, The Golden Steer, in the guys’ opinion the best steakhouse in Vegas. They talk about getting their heads handed to them at the blackjack tables, and why Bally’s and Caesar’s entertainment sucks. Lots of Vegas-y stuff including the awesome menu and history at the Golden Steer.
Their very special guest is their friend and hilarious comedian Dave Landau (@LandauDave), who is co-host of The Anthony Cumia Show, has appeared on Last Comic Standing, Comedy Central, and is a regular at Brad Garrett’s in Las Vegas. They talk to Dave about his funny new movie, The King of Detroit, local Detroit legend Bill Bonds.
The guys talk to Dave about comedians apologizing for saying off color things and whether they should. They all agree that Hollywood sucks and has no standing. The boys then talk about Dave’s role on The Anthony Cumia Show, how Dave brings a new element to the funny, and how all of them are amazed at Anthony’s impressions. Dave relates how some listeners get his politics wrong because of the show’s slant. The guys talk gambling and how Dave likes to play television themed slots and lurk around the casino. They wrap things up by thanking their waiter Carl Dillahay and the Golden Steer Manager, Lynn Gimian. What a fun time and special episode with comedian Dave Landau!
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