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The Sal and Bob Show

Jun 23, 2021

It's been a long pandemic but things finally seem to be opening up again which means Sal and Bob are celebrating the reopening of Michigan at their favorite steakhouse, Hyde Park. An afternoon recording in a booth while they discuss various topics over a steak and some wine. This week, The guys share some wholesome memories from back in the day and cover the news about Carl Nassib being the first openly gay NFL player after coming out on Instagram. Sal catches you up on all the sports news happening this week, from NBA playoffs to the US Open in golf. The show wraps up with some optimistic banter about what they're looking forward to as everything opens back up. There's no Musk Moment this week but there is a pretty crazy Tori Spelling update and Sal and Bob got you covered! Tune in to another edition of the Sal and Bob Show.