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The Sal and Bob Show

Jun 3, 2019

Sal and Bob travel to The Great White North for a show at The Keg Steakhouse in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. The One Hit Wonder is Daniel Powter’s “Bad Day.” The boys figure out they have three different citizenships between them. They love Windsor, but admit to not knowing anything about the skyline except Caesars Palace.

They both share stories about being stupid teenagers and getting busted at the border for alcohol. Bob brings up the American to Canadian money conversion rate and how it messes with your head at the casino. Sal tells a great story about being in Vegas and a friend of his ruining an epic blackjack run by spilling a drink on the table. Both guys complain about how casinos try and get you off your game, and discuss The Cooler, a great Vegas movie starting William H. Macy and Alec Baldwin. Bob says Daniel Powter has been permanently friend zoned.

Sal and Bob pay tribute to their friend and legendary comic Leo Dufour, his wife Diane, and their comedy club, The Komedy Korner. Bob tells a story about missing the 2006 World Series to play at the club. Sal has a really interesting story about how his grandfather crossed the Atlantic from Italy 27 times to help build the Ambassador Bridge, which links Windsor and Detroit. Bob shares his trick for traveling to and from Windsor via the bridge and the tunnel. Both guys relate stories about getting hassled at the border.

Sal gives an NBA Finals update and picks Toronto to win it. Sal thinks Alex Trebek’s cancer diagnosis was part ratings ploy, and Bob says there is celebrity cancer and regular people cancer. We wrap it up with a quick gab about the duty free shop. Tune in! This is a very social episode, and we’re very social in it.

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