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The Sal and Bob Show

Mar 20, 2023

In this episode, Sal and Bob cover various topics, starting with the Murdaugh murder trial and the Netflix documentary that explores the case. They discuss the details of the case and the controversy surrounding it, as well as their thoughts on the documentary's portrayal of the events. 

Moving on, the guys share their reactions to Chris Rock's latest comedy special, where he touches on the controversy involving Will Smith slapping him during the Oscars. They discuss their thoughts on the issue and Rock's take on it, as well as the wider debate around accountability for Will Smith.

Next up, Sal and Bob talk about the 2023 Oscars and share our thoughts on the nominees. They reflect on the impact of the pandemic on the film industry and the fact that Top Gun Maverick pretty much saved Hollywood.

Finally, they wrap up the episode by discussing the recent changes to the rules of baseball and their thoughts on their implications for the game. The guys explore the reasons behind the changes and discuss their potential benefits and drawbacks.

Overall, this episode offers diverse topics, from true crime and comedy to film and sports, providing insightful commentary on the issues that matter most. Tune in to hear Sal and Bob's thoughts and join the conversation!