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The Sal and Bob Show

Oct 28, 2019

It’s a Special 2019 Halloween episode from the Sal and Bob studio, because both guys are working clubs in Michigan. Sal is at the Ann Arbor Comedy Showcase and Bob is performing at Mitch Gill’s Get a Room Comedy Club.

Jeff and Abby, friends of the show, go to San Diego and review Panevino, Island Prime, and Greystone Prime. Bob bitches about Fin’s Eatery in New Baltimore. Sal gives a World Series Update. Bob trashes the Bryce Harper. Both guys review Billboard’s Top 25 Halloween Songs.

Both guys talk about Michael Jackson and Thriller, then delve into Leaving Neverland and the guys who accused Jackson. Sal talks movie ideas saying there should be a true sequel to Grease, and Bob contributes a TV show idea with Gary Gulman. Bob talks about Angelle Agabashian, his first car date, who saw Grease 20 times in the movie theater. Tubular Bells, the theme from The Exorcist, takes us out on this edition of The Sal and Bob Show.