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The Sal and Bob Show

Jan 21, 2019

Sal and Bob are at B&B Butchers and Restaurant in Houston, Texas, and the One Hit Wonder is I’m Too Sexy, by Right Said Fred. Bob wonders how Italians got to Houston and talks about the show’s increasing worldwide listenership.
The guys talk about upcoming guests, including their favorite Dateline reporter, Josh Mankiewicz, and their admiration for comedian Gary Gulman. Sal gives listeners a lesson on Wagyu beef. Bob talks about his experience being in Houston during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Sal goes gaga over B&B Butchers’ “Rare Force One” Mercedes limousine that picks up restaurant guests.
The guys talk about mostaccioli, crappy wedding glasses, and being single at a wedding. Both guys yap about their love of Texas and the great food at roadside diners. More dumb discussion is held about the One Hit Wonder and Jeb Bush’s hilarious presidential campaign.
Sal and Bob lament the pandering some comics do, including fake standing ovations, SNL and Milton Berle. They wrap up the episode with a funny discussion about what Sal does on Sundays and why it’s the most Italian thing he’s ever said. Fun times, as always, with Sal and Bob.
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