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The Sal and Bob Show

Jul 8, 2019

Sal and Bob play it close to home and do the show from Andiamo in Livonia, Michigan. The One Hit Wonder is Donna Lewis’s “I Love You, Always Forever.” Somehow local newscasters Diana Lewis and the crazy Bill Bonds become part of the discussion, as does Rocky.

Sal and Bob talk about having corporate jobs and balancing that with a comedy career, and the conversation segues into one of our favorite comedians and friends, Gary Gulman. The guys talk about Gary’s Twitter campaign to give a bit of comedy advice every day for 365 days. Sal brings up some of the difficulties in juggling another career with comedy. Both guys agree with Gary’s advice to judge your jokes by the reaction of an ideal crowd. Sal says performing with a comedian like Gary makes you want to bring your A Game.

The guys talk about the World Cup and Bob brings up ways to spice up the game, and both laugh at their friend Steve Lind’s awesome soccer joke. The Whine List is Bob’s complaint about idiots blowing off fireworks after the 4th. Bob also bitches about people who freak out about their dogs on the 4th.

Sal talks about the Andiamo Showroom and Bob relates a story about meeting Don Rickles and asking Rickles to call him a hockey puck. Both guys talk about the recent California earthquakes, wish everyone well, and talk about the science of earthquakes, like they have any idea what the hell they’re talking about. Sal brings up the latest Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga news.

Both guys yap about yet another losing night at the casino, but Sal goes nuts for the Locket Link slot machine. They follow that up with a discussion of a complicated pain in the ass blackjack game they’ve only seen in Toledo, and wind it up dispensing blackjack advice.