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The Sal and Bob Show

Aug 26, 2019

Sal and Bob record from the cafeteria at Schoolcraft College in Livonia, Michigan! The one hit wonder is "Harper Valley PTA" by Jeannie C. Riley. They review the song and breakdown the lyrics of this 1968 hit.

In honor of "Back to School" season, Sal and Bob share stories from back in the day. They talk about shows they watched growing up and their first TV crushes. Sal tells Bob some the names of the schools he went to and they laugh at the idea of Donald Trump having a school named in his honor.

Sal talks about how having Italian parents made back to school shopping tough because of the family's tomato harvest. The end of August means back to school and tomato sauce for the Demilio family. Bob tells a story about getting into a fight the first day of being in a new school and the principle calling his mom. Sal and Bob go on to talk about the lunches they would have at school. Bob's mom made 8 lunches every day for her kids. No one wanted to trade any food with Bob. Sal had the best lunches ever. He recounts the amazing Italian spread his mom would send him to school with.

The guys talk about the what's on the menu at Henry's Food Court at Schoolcraft. This is the cheapest meal the guys have ordered on the show. They talk about their shared love of Rodney Dangerfield and the classic comedy "Back to School". They share some of their favorite quotes from the movie and finish uptake show with a couple of back to school jokes. Tune in!