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The Sal and Bob Show

May 4, 2019

It’s a special Kentucky Derby episode with Sal and Bob, from the Crazy Horse Steak House and Saloon in Holland, Michigan. The boys highlight Dan Fogelberg’s Kentucky Derby hit “Run for the Roses”, and Sal admits that Dan Fogelberg always makes him cry.

Sal clues listeners in to Bill Duncliffe’s cool podcast, Can Do, which highlights horse racing. Sal gives everyone the lowdown on John Velazquez, the most successful jockey in horse racing history. Sal and Bob pick their horses. Sal does a great job running down the field and the odds for each horse. Both guys go over some of the best horse names of the last few decades, then add their own which are funnier.

Sal goes deep into the legend of Secretariat, and Bob recounts some of his favorite Kentucky Derby memories, including the one where he and Sal watched at their friend and comedian Mike Green’s house, and filly Eight Belles had to be put down. If you’re into the Kentucky Derby this is a funny and informative show.

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