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The Sal and Bob Show

Jul 22, 2019

The guys travel to their happy place, Las Vegas, and chow down at Wolfgang Puck’s The Cut. The One Hit Wonder is Video Killed the Radio Star by The Buggles.

Sal confesses that he listens to YouTube videos in his car and Bob can’t handle it. Sal jokes that Facebook is the rotary phone of the internet. Bob and Sal bitch about lousy Spirit Airlines and the new, lousy middle seat that’s coming. Sal has a great Vegas story about winning dinner at the blackjack table. A lively discussion is held about nationwide sports books, and the continuing allure of Vegas. Sal jumps into a story about a Florida man who cut off another man’s tadger for sleeping with his wife. Both guys yap about their upcoming shows. Bob whines again about Caesar’s mistreatment of the guys the last time they hit Sin City. Las Vegas trivia and the Jerry Lewis Telethon are a favorite discussion. Sal has a great story about going to the AVN Awards.

Sal cautions people not to retrieve your out of bounds golfball in the desert. More Las Vegas trivia. Sals upcoming shows include the Grand Casino in Vegas, Big Tommy’s in Novi, MI, and the fabulous Holly Hotel. Bob is excited about his first headline gig at Mark Ridley’s Comedy Castle. Both guys talk about their friend Nate Fridson’s gig there after a loss of power and how he did the show with no microphone. Upcoming guests include Jeff Gorman of the Indianapolis Colts, and William Dettloff, a hell of a boxing writer. Sal has a Whine list about getting pulled over for expired tabs. Bob wraps it up with an exciting announcement that The Sal and Bob Show is in the top half percent of iTunes podcasts.