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The Sal and Bob Show

May 28, 2019

Sal and Bob dine at the Capital Grille in Chicago and talk about horror movies, Norman Greenbaum’s One Hit Wonder “Spirit in the Sky” from 1969, and have a great interview with Kelly Demaret. Bob thinks it’s fascinating that an observant Jewish person wrote a mega hit about Jesus, and that Greenbaum found inspiration for the song in Western movies.

Bob asks Sal if he was swaddled when he came to the US from Italy in 1969. Bin yaps about the Stoli Doli, the signature drink at Capital Grille. Sal goes nuts for the filet mignon. Bob goes into an extended rant about he gets confused with another Bob Phillips, who is a compiler of what he calls “Bob Phillips Good Clean Jokes.” Bob tells some of the awful jokes in the book. Sal is all hepped up about Jeopardy, and James Holzhauer’s winning streak. Sal says NBC is running out of money. Sal feels sorry for the other contestants. Bob acts like a jerk and makes fun of Stephen Hawking on Jeopardy. Bob talks about his OCD and Sal says he doesn’t care about how many times he washes his hands or whether numbers are even or odd. Sal tells his Whopper Jr. story and cracks Bob up. Bob laughs that Sal has to have his Whopper Jr. cut in half. Sal and Bob talk about how they were accosted by two critics at their home “office” at Hyde Park. Sal is so nice he gives them a Sal & Bob business card and Bob marvels at his salesmanship. Bob brags that Sal and Bob now have 20,000 listeners.

Sal introduces actress Kelly Demaret, who is also one of the producers of a new movie that Sal invested in, called “30 Miles From Nowhere.” The movie stars Seana Kofoed, who was also a producer on the film. It’s a horror movie about good friends reuniting for a friend’s funeral, and Kelly gives us a great rundown of how the movie was made, stories from the set, and the challenges encountered with producing the labor of love. Kelly shares some insight into filmmaking and how they had a “No Asshole” rule on set, and how she had to fire a dog because he was too gentle. The movie can be purchased at Walmart and watched on Comcast. Big fun talking movies, and all the usual Sal and Bob nonsense this episode. Tune in!

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