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The Sal and Bob Show

Aug 19, 2019

Bob is drunk on this episode of The Sal and Bob Show, where we welcome our guest, friend and fellow comedian Steve Lind into the studio to yap about comedian stuff. Sal recaps his recon mission to Vegas to find more venues for the boys to record at. The One Hit Wonder is Into the Night by the creepy Benny Mardones.

Sal and Steve share collegiate baseball stories. Steve gives insight into how he started his comedy career. Bob explains why he bought three new suits for he and Steve’s gigs at Mark Ridley’s Comedy Castle. Sal recaps his Hugo’s Cellar experience at the Four Queens casino. For some reason Bob decides to drunkenly recap a Little Rascals episode. Sal has a great story about hanging out at the Pioneer Saloon, Nevada’s oldest saloon. A short discussion is held on jet lag and Steve volunteers to take over for Bob, given his state of inebriation.

Bob says he’s only got a few heroes in his life, and one if which is his son, Ben. The other is Steve. Steve speaks inspirationally, candidly, and humorously, about the challenges raising an autistic son. He tells a great story about getting to a low point and how his wife Elise brought him out of it. Sal closes it out with an informative look at the naked guy on Fremont Street who’ll let you kick him in the nuts for $20. What an episode! What a show!